Willow & Otis

Willow & Otis are Nubian goats born in April 2019. Willow sustained damage to her front leg during a traumatic birth. Otis scratched his cornea during birth and developed an ulceration on his eye. Born onto a goat dairy farm unable to care for their injuries, those twists of fate brought Willow & Otis to Farmaste.

After wearing a splint on her injured leg for a short time, Willow is doing much better. We are hoping that will be all that is needed to correct her injury, but we will continue to work with the vets at the University of Minnesota to make sure that she has a happy, healthy life. Otis also recovered quickly – after a series of eye drops the scratch and ulceration healed and he regained vision in his eye.

Everyone who meets the kids falls in love with them – they are full of baby energy, bounciness, and mischief! Sleep, play, eta, cause trouble, repeat. We are sure you will love them too. Welcome home Willow & Otis! You can help provide for Willow or Otis’s care by becoming a sponsor here.