The Girls: Beata, Clarice & Kristen

I am so excited to introduce you to Farmaste’s newest residents: Beata, Clarice, and Kristen! These beautiful ladies were rescued from a small goat dairy farm in western Minnesota. The owner of the farm was looking to downsize her operation and was happy to find a place where her goats could live out their lives in peace. All three goats are Alpine Dairy Goats and range in age from six to ten years.

Despite living on a small family farm, these girls came to us in poor health.  Beata and Kristen both had issues with their udders.  One had recently had her utter punctured by a stick, and without proper care, it became severely infected. The other had an old injury to her udder that was not treated, and as a result she constantly leaked milk. Because of these health issues, all three goats spent several days at the University of Minnesota Veterinary Hospital and Beata and Kristen both had full mastectomies. As you can imagine, costs added up quickly. If you want to help support their transitions to Farmaste, please donate.  In addition, all three goats will be available to sponsor in the near future.

I am happy to report that both are healing well and everyone has been moved to the farm.  They will be off stall rest soon – and able to experience a pasture that is much larger than what they had access to at their prior home! We don’t know them and their unique personalities very well yet, but we look forward to getting to distinguish them as the individuals that they are.

What we do know is that Gertie LOVES having friends at the farm.  As a herd animal, she feels much more secure and comfortable spending her day with other herd animals.  Since they have arrived, her disposition has markedly changed. She is much calmer and now spends her nights tucked into her stall at the barn (before the goats arrived – she wanted nothing to do with the barn!).  Seeing their friendship begin to form is truly a joy.


We couldn’t be happier to give these amazing goats a life as someone, not something.