Steel Magnolia

Mags was born at a small organic dairy farm in eastern Wisconsin.

She was born with a spinal deformity. As a result, the farmers made the compassionate decision not to breed her for dairy production. Despite not being able to produce, the farmers kept her at the farm as a “pasture pal” – happily living out her life with the rest of her herd.

Unfortunately, this autumn’s flooding in WI hit Magnolia’s farm hard. A change in farm finances made it impossible for them to continue to support Mags given that she was never going to be a “working” cow. That left Mags facing slaughter. Having been close to her since birth due to her special needs, the farmers were desperate for another solution. So they reached out to Farmaste for help. With us looking for a companion for Timothy – the timing was perfect!

Steel Magnolia is a beautiful 1 1/2 year old Jersey Holstein cross. She is currently at the U of MN getting a full work-up. While her spinal condition doesn’t appear to cause her any pain, it does cause some problems with digestion. The vets are observing her closely so that we can better understand her condition and provide any needed treatment or diet modifications to make sure she stays happy and healthy. Once she is cleared to come to the farm, we plan for her to move into our new special needs barn. We hope that her small size and her gentle demeanor will make her a perfect companion for Timothy.

Welcome to Farmaste Mags. We promise to give you a loving, peaceful life. 💚

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