Ringo came to us on Valentine’s Day 2018 as a one week old lamb. Ringo was listed for free on Craigslist because he wasn’t feeding from his mother. The farmer who owned his mom didn’t have time to commit to bottle feeding him multiple times per day. Unfortunately, animals listed for free are often not well-cared for, or in worst case scenarios are abused by those who take them in. So – when we heard about this sweet boy who needed a caring home, we were happy to take him in!

Ringo is a true youngster – he loves to play, play, play! He also has a knack for getting into mischief!  Maybe it’s a boy thing – he was the first male Farmaste resident. Ringo and Blue have become the best of friends and will be living together in the Special Needs Barn at Farmaste once construction is complete.

You can sponsor Ringo here.