In Memoriam

Violet & Annie. 

Violet & Annie were calves from the same dairy farm in Wisconsin born five months apart.  Both of them came to us extremely ill at about eight weeks old. Despite receiving excellent care at the University of Minnesota,    both were too sick to recover, and we made the difficult decision to end their suffering within a day of their coming into our care. These calves' deaths were the the result of the farmer not seeking appropriate and timely medical care for their health problems. To him, they were something. To us, they were someone. While they never got to live a life of freedom, we are honored to have been able to show them love and compassion -- even for a brief time. We remember them for the individuals that they were, and for all of the calves that never get a name.


Monique came to us at only a few days old. A local farmer reached out to us because Monique has a malformed palate and was unable to feed from her mother. What she wasn’t able to see was that her heart also had multiple deformities in it. Her sweet little heart wasn’t going to carry her forward through life. Shortly after coming in to our care she took a turn for the worse, and we had to make the extremely difficult decision to humanely euthanize her to end her suffering. We had fallen in love with her from the moment we knew about her, and had dreams of her living out a very long life with us at Farmaste. We will forever remember her as the adorable, quirky girl she was. Escaping enclosures to explore her surroundings, giving you kisses with her crooked little face and waging her tail a million miles an hour to share how happy she was. Run free little girl. We love you.