Gertie is a six-year-old Holstein. At about 1,700 lbs, Gertie is actually considered small! Ultimately, her small size is how she ended up at Farmaste. Upon birth, the farmer that owned the dairy farm at which she was born determined that she was too small to carry calves and produce milk at the rate that he needed. Since he no longer had a  use for her, the farmer gave her to a neighbor who raised her a a companion cow for the first several years of her life. When Gertie’s rescuer was unable to keep her, Gertie was taken in by the amazing Beca Thompson at Tiny Hooves Rescue in Kenosha, WI. While small for her breed, Gertie still isn’t exactly “tiny.” So Beca worked to find her a home where Gertie could run and explore.

We couldn’t be happier to have Gertie as part of our Farmaste family. She is such a loving and playful girl – her antics keep us constantly smiling.

Consider sponsoring Gertie to help cover her food and vet costs.