We aren’t entirely sure what Buffy’s life was like before she found her way to Farmaste, but we have a good guess. We believe that Buffy escaped from a live market in South St. Paul, MN. She was found less than ½ mile from such a market. Live markets are traumatizing environments for farmed animals; they live in a slaughterhouse – with the sounds and smells of slaughter surrounding them – waiting for their turn to die. Perhaps it is not surprising that Buffy fought for her life and escaped. Knowing Buffy now it doesn’t surprise us one bit, she has a fighting spirit!

After escaping, she spent a few days on the run in an industrial area of South St. Paul. She quickly became a local social media favorite and one of our supporters reached out to let us know about this adorable girl on the loose. With the assistance of the local police department, we were able to safely rescue Buffy the same day we learned about her and bring her to the University of Minnesota for veterinary care. Buffy had to clear a virus before interacting with our residents and required some dental surgery – so her quarantine lasted longer than is typical for our residents. She is now starting to mix in with our goat herd and we are so excited for her to finally make friends with her new Farmaste family!

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