Blue lives at Farmaste Animal Sanctuary. Blue is a Katahdin sheep born in April, 2017. She had something wrong with her front leg, and, unfortunately, was not provided the proper vet care where she was being housed. Instead she was kept in a stall by herself, and not allowed to go out to eat grass. Within 24 hours of Blue’s arrival at Farmaste she made her first journey to the University of Minnesota Large Animal Vet, and we were working to get some answers about her leg. They determined she was born with a congenital deformity in all three bones in her leg. The only option, to give her quality of life, was to amputate the leg. As soon as it was removed she started the healing process, and within days she was a completely different lamb. For the first time since she was born she could go outside to eat grass, and feel the warmth of the sun.

In addition to the issue with her leg, it was discovered that Blue had a lump growing on her chest. Upon further examination they determined it was abnormal bone growth from her sternum. Once Blue was healthy enough to undergo surgery again she was taken in to remove the bone mass. They had to remove most of her sixth sternebrae. We are happy to report that the bone that was removed is growing back, and we are planning to move Blue to the farm this spring – hopefully with a friend!

So in the first four months of Blue’s life she had survived two major surgeries. She recently received a cart to help remove some of the weight that is put on her remaining front leg. While she is still learning how to use it – we are confident she will master it once the snow melts.

Please consider sponsoring Blue to help provide her with ongoing vet care and food.